• COD or CASH ON DELIVERY; Payment is done right at your doorstep or your nearest post office (for those not reachable by our courier), If you select this payment method, you will only pay for your order upon the delivery. 

You must be Philippines residence or your shipping address is in the Philippines. (We  currently supports COD payments for the Philippines only, but soon to offer on some selected country such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,Kuwait,Oman,Bahrain,Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia and Indonesia.)

Sub Total order must be equal to ₱5,000.00 or below.

Sometimes, an advance payment for shipping fee is needed in order for us to check the legitimacy of the orders.

Non COD product is not allowed to check out with COD product via COD payment method. (please check COD tag on product description before adding an item to your shopping cart) or visit our COD product page.

COD payment method will remain disabled and automatically enable by meeting the requirements above.


Advance payment can be paid using the desired method upon checkout and the rest of the payment can be paid at the courier upon delivery of your order. Please check your email or SMS for further notification within 24 hours. You only have 7 days “from the time you placed your order on our website” to settle your advance payment. If 7 days had passed, all unsettled order will be treated as falls Order and should not be processed.

You can only have one active COD order. If you have previously placed an order using COD, you must wait until you received it before placing another COD order, this is to avoid conflict on shipping and abuse on our COD service. Our sales team will not forward your order if they found out that you have an active COD order, pending, or declined order from us. However, you can still place an order using other payment methods. Please visit our Payment Methods page for complete details.

  • Remittance Center; We accept payment from almost all leading remittance center, such as Western Union, Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, Palawan express, etc … ( Your order will be processed after the funds have cleared in our account, usually 1 to 2 business day. ) Sub Total order must be equal ₱1,000.00 or above.


  • Bank Transfer; Send PAYMENT directly into our bank account ( Your order will be processed after the funds have cleared in our account, usually 2 to 4 business day.) Sub Total order must be equal ₱1,000.00 or above.


  • Pay via PayPal; Log in to your PayPal account to initiate the payment. you can also pay using all major credit cards if you don’t have a PayPal account. ( Your order will immediately be processed after the funds have cleared in our account.) Sub Total order must be equal ₱1,000.00 or above.









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